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Serving the Portland Metro Area

Residential Electrical Services

Many people are intimidated by electrical problems but don’t know how to resolve them. At Woodline Electric, our transparent communication and efficient work get you out of the dark and on with life.

Commercial Electrical Services

Work with our team to quickly resolve electrical issues while adhering to precise job specifications. We understand the importance of maintaining a smooth and productive workplace, and our goal is to ensure your electrical problems get resolved so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Our Process


Contact us to discuss your project so we can understand what's happening and determine the next steps. Describe your electrical frustrations like you're talking to a friend – no need for technical jargon!


We will work together to find a convenient date and time for our skilled electricians to visit you. You’ll be in the loop about what we’ll be doing and how much it will cost.


Our expert electricians will show up as scheduled and complete the electrical services you need. Feel confident you’re taken care of and check your project off the list.

Our Projects

Johnson Family Home

Electrical Rewire | Portland, OR

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Lakeview Beach House

Charging Port Install | Astoria, OR

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Lee Home Office Addition

Electrical Wiring | Hillsboro, OR

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ABC Supply Warehouse

Surge Protection | Beaverton, OR

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Clearwater Ranch

Ceiling Fan Wiring | Battle Ground, WA

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XYZ Treatment Plant

Sensor Lighting | Vancouver, WA

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Get expert electrical solutions from Woodline Electric. Contact us now to see how we can enhance your space.